Midnight Studios is a AAA videogame development studio
creating a new game title…


about us

  Our work is made much easier by virtue of the fact that we enjoy each other’s company, trust each other, and have the kind of work environment that brings out the best in everyone.  

Key Personnel

(by hire date)
Charles D Normann
CEO / Co-Founder

Industry veteran Producer and Programmer. ½ of Midnight’s Dynamic Duo!

Kevin Normann
CTO / Co-Founder

Industry veteran Lead Engineer, Technical Director, and Head R&D Guru. Other ½ of Midnight’s Dynamic Duo!


Resident technical researcher and Noodler of complex things.

Office Manager

Office Manager, Book-Keeper & Common Sense Distributor. Thanks, Lori!

Senior Engineer

Experienced leader, problem-solver, and all-around nice guy.

Software Engineer

Hot young engineer with a bright future.

Senior Electrical/Computer Engineer

EE/CE from Atari, Acclaim, now fills Midnight’s hardware needs and designs circuit boards.

Charles P
Senior Web Architect

In the 90’s Charles developed on Dell Computer Corporation’s major account intranet. Comes to Midnight after a 15 years of web start-up launches.

Project Manager/Scrum Master

Randall dots all of our “I’s” and crosses all of our “T’s”. Thanks Randall!


The Equalizer! Enrico brings problems down to our level.

Senior Engineer

The 2nd-most-interesting man in the world. Wednesday night game night was Mike’s idea.


The Natural. Kamau has written more code by 6:00am, then you’ll write all day!


Resident scholar and banjo player.

Lead QA/Dev Tester

Wild man Lead Dev-Tester/QA. He doesn’t just find the bugs. He scares the s--- out of them!

QA/Dev Tester

The baby of the family…less than 1 year old as an FTE.

Special thanks goes out to all the contractors and supporters that are part of the Midnight extended family


Midnight has partnered with EA, Sony, and Microsoft.
Sony Logo EA/Electronic Arts Logo Microsoft Logo
Midnight is an officially licensed developer for Sony PS4 & PS Vita, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii-U
Sony Playstation 4 Logo Sony Playstation Vita Logo Microsoft XBox Logo Nintendo WII Logo
Worked as a “silent partner” to help deliver several AAA game titles.

Austin Area is our Home

"It’s a great city. It’s got great music, great food. It’s sort of a global village really." – Patrick Dempsey

Latest News

Midnight receives Sony PS4 development kit immediately puts it to work developing new technologies for the TBA next generation game product! August, 2014


Awarded patent first filed back in 2010.July, 2014

Fourth Office Space at 1611 Chisholm Trail Rd, Round Rock. August, 2013

Last Equity Investment round around patented idea.February, 2012

Filed first full patent submission around new product idea.July, 2011

First Equity Investment around patented product idea.May, 2011

Third Office Space at 200 Northwest Dr, Round Rock.January, 2011

First Office Space at 1911 Waterford Centre Blvd, in Austin.February, 2009

Filed Provisional Patent around new product idea.July, 2010

Second Office Space at 425 Round Rock West Dr, in Round Rock. April, 2010

First Office Space at 1911 Waterford Centre Blvd, in Austin.February, 2009

First Investment.January, 2009

Midnight Established, but located somewhere between Charles’ den and Kevin’s dining room.August, 2007

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